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With Brexit imminent, we’re trying to make some sense of the impact on the Food & Agriculture industries. Is it good news, or could we regret not making food...

Hang Fire Smokehouse

Personality. What is personality? Some combination of characteristics, or maybe a distinctive character? I’m sure if the Urban dictionary had an entry, it would talk about some combination of cheekiness, swag,...

Dollar Cow

Why moderation, not eradication, is needed It’s been a while since we’ve written something really informational. I occasionally have days where I feel quite guilty for promoting Meat &...

Steak in Wales

What a bonkers fortnight. Last year I wrote about my experiences of when I first moved to West London four years ago, and the delight of finding a the...

closeup on hands cutting yellow pepper on professional kitchen

On Thursday I discussed the merits of getting rid of all your old kitchen knives in favour of one or two, maybe three, mid range knives. Not for the...

Collection of kitchen knives

Knives are an interesting topic through history. They are almost an ode to the technology influences through the various periods of time, and geographically have reflected the cultural divide...


Morning all, it’s nice to be back and posting. Apologies for the complete lack of activity in the last couple of months. It’s not without reason; we’ve been in...

Meat must be banned

14th February 2016Meat must be banned

We’re having a rant this morning. The topic is pretty simple. I’ve been gradually getting pretty fed up of reading the spiel being disseminated by agenda-forcing social media monkeys...

Pan-fried Gnocchi

We love simple food. And with the breadth of ingredients available it’s so easy to overcomplicate stuff these days. But there are certain foods that are just so good...

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